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In Hygiene Training and Infection Control...


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A 5 minute Demonstration of UV GERM Training Lotion and the Checkpoint Lamp in Action.




WASH & GLOW Checkpoint System

Wash & Glow CheckPoint Trainer


The WASH & GLOW Checkpoint Lamp

GLOWTEC specialise in the Design, Development and Manufacture of Innovative  Ultraviolet Training Products for the Retail, Education and Healthcare markets. We developed a new system for Hand Wash Training, one that was lightweight, compact and stylish. We called this all-New System the WASH & GLOW Checkpoint and it is the preferred choice throughout the NHS.


UV GERM Hygiene Training Range

What makes the WASH & GLOW Training System so effective is our UV GERM Range of Hygiene Training Lotion, Powder, Sprays and Markers, each employing SMART UV GERM Micro-Particles, which safely simulate the touch-contamination and cross-contamination characteristics of microbes.  Suitable for Hand-Rub Application Training too!


UV GERM Training Lotion Range

UV GERM Training Lotion

WASH & GLOW Hand-Hygiene Training Kits

EASH & GLOW Checkpoint Trainer

WASH & GLOW Checkpoint Trainer

Our most popular Professional Hand Hygiene Training System, now widely used throughout     the NHS and Private HealthCare Sector.

The WASH & GLOW Checkpoint Trainer is compact, lightweight and very easy to use.

Now Includes HY-5 Video Training Pack


WASH & GLOW Mini-Training Kits

A Range of affordable WASH & GLOW Mini Training Kits, created as low-cost Solutions, to the problem of ineffective hand-washing in Care Homes, Restaurants, Cafes, Surgeries and Wards.

Within reach of even the smallest of budgets, these compact (battery operated) kits are ideally suited to low-demand / occasional use situations or the needs of small departments. 

A disposable GlowBox option is available for help with training in brightly lit areas.


WASH & GLOW Mini Training Kit 3

WASH & GLOW Mini-Training Kits

WASH & GLOW Professional Kits

WASH & GLOW Professional Kit


The WASH & GLOW Professional takes Hygiene Control to a whole new level. In combining next-generation Hand-Wash Training with UV GERM Cross-Contamination Tools, we have a kit that now extends the reach of IC Professionals into Surface Hygiene Monitoring and Control.

Now Includes HY-5 Video Training Pack


WASH & GLOW Cleaning Detective

Clean hands is only half the problem. Surfaces should be hygienically clean also. With the new WASH & GLOW Cleaning Detective you can monitor the cleanliness (cleaning effectiveness) of key surfaces and use it to help promote the use of more effective Hygienic Cleaning Methods.


WASH & GLOW Cleaning Detective

WASH & GLOW Cleaning Detective

WASH & GLOW Surface Hygiene Range

WASH & GLOW Hygiene Testing and Monitoring Tools

WASH & GLOW Surface Hygiene Inspection Range

A New range of Surface Hygiene Testing and Monitoring  compliance Tools designed to safely and hygienically check surfaces are being cleaned in accordance with directives.

A non-toxic, invisible alcohol-based coating which only becomes visible under Ultraviolet light, is simply marked or sprayed or smeared on to the surface to be tested. 


WASH & GLOW HY-5 Hand-Wash Training Programme

There are many ways of teaching hand washing, some good, some not so. We believed there should be a simple, unified method that would be easy-to-teach, fun-to-lean and easy to remember. We came up with the WASH & GLOW HY-5 Method (pronounced 'High 5'). 

Comprising of 5 key stages of hand washing with each stage repeated 5 times. Each stage effectively cleans a targeted area of the hands, fingertips or wrists and when combined together, prove to be a very effective method of hand washing indeed.


HY-5 Hand Wash Training Programme.

WASH & GLOW HY-5 Method





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A Few of our Popular Innovations
Surface Hygiene Testing & Monitoring Tools
Cross-Contamination Training Markers 
Disposable Hand 'Disclosure' Box 
Hand-Washing 'Self-Test' Station
Range of Contamination Training Tools 
HY-5 Hand Wash Training Programme




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