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   Hand-Wash Training Kits


CQC Compliant for Infection Control (Outcome 8, Regulation 12)








A NEW Generation of Affordable 

Hand-Hygiene Training Kits


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NOW with a UV Forensic Torch

 GLOWTEC UV Forensic UV Torch

Improved performance in brighter conditions.

Improved battery life / lower operating cost.

Ready-for-use in other related hygiene training areas such as: Cross-Contamination Training and Cleaning (surface hygiene) Inspection.









A squirt of UV GERM Lotion

Dispense a small amount of  UV GERM lotion onto the hands.

Rub in the training lotion into hands and wrists.
Apply UV GERM lotion and rub in well
turn-on uv torch
Turn-on the UV Forensic Torch and shine onto the hands.
Under UV light* hands and wrists will glow bright green to show full coverage of the lotion.
place hands under UV light
Washing hands in sink
Now wash hands as you would do normally.
Under UV light* the areas not properly cleaned will still glow green.
Plands back under UV light to see what has been missed

WASH & GLOW Hi-5 Hand Wash Method

Now have HY-5 Training and try washing your hands again. Properly!
Under UV light* your hands should now be free of any glowing UV GERM particles.
Place hands back under UV light to check they properley clean

* Images illuminated using The GLOWTEC UV Forensic Torch.





Budget Mini Training Kit 1 £29.99

Best for low usage / occasional training of small groups


Best for low usage / occasional training of small groups






250ml Lotion Based Mini-Kit 2 £39.99

Best for medium usage / regular training of small groups






The WASH & GLOW Cased Mini Kit £49.99

Best for low usage / occasional training of small groups




Housed in a High Quality custom sculpted ABS case






A Simple Solution to a Simple Problem?


Back in the 1840’s Doctors Wendell-Holmes and Semmelweis, finally proved that infection and disease were being spread by the unwashed hands of medical colleagues, and simply washing hands well between patients visits, reduced the risks of cross infection dramatically. 


Ignaz Semmelweis

(1 July 1818 – 13 August 1865)

  Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. 

(August 29, 1809 – October 7, 1894)


Yet, here we are at the turn of the twenty first century and touch-transferred infections still present a major health problem throughout the world.

The undisputable conclusion they arrived at, is that poorly washed hands are as much a touch-contamination risk as unwashed hands.  Thankfully this is one problem easily solved using the WASH & GLOW  Hand Wash Training System.

Using our WASH & GLOW training system is simple, yet effective. The UV particles in our hand wash gel medium simulate bacteria – by applying a thin layer of a medium onto the hands and inspecting them before and after washing under a UV Checkpoint Lamp, any areas not thoroughly cleaned will be highlighted with our distinctive bright green glow. This method of revealing poor hand washing technique can help you to achieve and maintain high hand hygiene standards throughout your organisation.

From the novelty and fun of first-time hand wash training, to the assurance of daily hand wash self-tests, there is now a simple, effective and affordable WASH & GLOW solution, to help raise and maintain hand hygiene standards, throughout the organisation.

UV GERM Hygiene Training products are now available for cross-contamination demonstration use on work surfaces and equipment.





     Did you know?


Around 20% of women and 40% of men don't wash their hands after using a public loo!




90% of germs on hands are found under the nails.




The number of bacteria can double in 20 minutes and after one day without hand washing; a single bacterium can multiply 2 billion, trillion times.


  • We have between 2 and 10 million bacteria between fingertip and elbow.

  • Damp hands spread 1,000 times more germs than dry hands.

  • The number of germs on your fingertips doubles after you use the toilet.

  • Germs can stay alive on hands for up to three hours.

  • Millions of germs hide under watches and bracelets and there could be as many germs under your ring as there are people in Europe.

Facts courtesy of the Food and Drink Federation






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