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Putting the Fun into Hygiene Training


UV GERM Green Training Powder on Hands UV GERM Red  Training Powder on Hands UV GERM Blue Training Powder on Hands
UV Green UV Red UV Blue




Too cute for it's own good, the NEW UV GERM Cuddle-Bug almost demands to be touched, picked-up or stroked...


Cuddle Bug Training Kit

(Available in UV Green / Blue or Red)







...But as soon as you do, your hands will be discreetly coated with an invisible layer of UV GERM Training Powder; harmless microscopic particles which simulate microbial contamination and cross-contamination.

Place a 'prepared' Cuddle-Bug somewhere in the Training Room, Kitchenette or Toilet and wait as the curious attendees pick him up and inadvertently touch-contaminate themselves, their colleagues and their surroundings. 

Later in the session, use a UV Forensic Torch or Checkpoint Lamp to reveal the truth, as the full extent of the contamination becomes clear for them to see, and all from one single source! That innocent looking Cuddle-Bug.






Cuddle-Bug Kit Class Pack

Cuddle Bug Kit Class Pack

(includes all 3 UV Colours)







  Acts as a Single Point-of-Source for Cross-Contamination Demonstration
  Conceals invisible UV GERM Powder within it's fur       to Contaminate-on-Touch, time after time.
  Available in 3 UV colours for use as a Multiple       Source Contamination Demonstration.
  Completely Harmless and Non-Toxic.






The image below shows a 'contaminated' hand (under UV Light) that has held a Cuddle Bug.


UV GERM Training Powder (Green) shown here under UV Light.



Available in 3 UV Revealing Colours for Multiple-Source Demos




UV GERM Cuddle-Bug- UV RED

Source 1:  UV GREEN

Source 2:  UV BLUE

Source 3:  UV RED






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