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WASH & GLOW The Movie

CheckPoint2 - Hand-Washing Self-Test Station - Click here for details

5 minute introduction to the WASH & GLOW hand wash training system and how it works. So put the kettle, make a brew, sit back and take 5.





WASH & GLOW Checkpoint Trainer

Wash & Glow Checkpoint Trainer

A Compact, Lightweight and Portable Hand-Hygiene Training Kit, for trainers on the move. Housed in a very high-quality custom ABS carry case and a 250ml bottle of UV-GERM Moisturising Lotion. Now includes HY-5 (High-Five) Training Film





WASH & GLOW HY-5 Training Film

HY-5 Hand wash method training film
The WASH & GLOW HY-5 Hand Wash Method HD Training Video provides a short 'pre-training' introduction to this simple, easy-to-remember 5-stage hand washing technique, which is very effective and fun to learn. Supplied on a USB memory stick.








WASH & GLOW Cleaning Detective

WASH & GLOW Cleaning Detective
A unique cleaning (housekeeping) and hygiene testing and monitoring kit which helps to determine if cleaning is being performed to the expected standards.





WASH & GLOW Forensic Torches

WASH & GLOW UV PRO Forensic Torch

Polished Steel Cased 9 x UV-LED Torch @ 380nm with our unique UV PRO Filter which removes 95% of visible (interference) light for a cleaner high quality result.






UV GERM Hygiene Markers

WASH & GLOW UV GERM Audit Marker - Large

Self-contained UV GERM surface marker which will leave a virtually invisible powder-mark on most clean-dry surfaces.






WASH & GLOW Mini-Training Kits

Wash & Glow Hand Washing Mini Training Kit 3

Hand-Hygiene Training Kit containing 2 x 50ml UV-GERM LOTION, a UV Forensic Torch and HY-5 hand-wash training guide, all housed in a high quality custom case (kit 3) or a drawstring cotton bag (Kit 1 & 2)  





UV GERM Training Lotion

UV GERM Training Lotion - 50ml Refill Pack 1 - Click here for details

A pleasing and easy-to-use method of applying Microscopic UV GERM Simulation particles to hands prior to washing. This gentle, non-greasy, moisturising lotion is safe for use on all skin types






WASH & GLOW Checkpoint

WASH & GLOW Checkpoint Examination Lamp

This lightweight, high quality, versatile folding examination lamp uses a low-energy UV light source and produces a safe instant high UV output, making it ideal for use in normal daytime lighting conditions.





How to Assemble the GLOWBOX


A low-cost, disposable disclosure box, which serves as a portable 'dark area' to allow examination of hands for UV Germ particles under the light of the Handheld UV lamp, which is simply inserted into the top-slot of the Glowbox.





UV GERM Hygiene Spray

UV GERM Hygiene Spray

An innovative new spray designed for use on most surfaces. It leaves a harmless, near-invisible coating which only becomes visible under Ultraviolet light. This non-toxic particle based spray coating is easily removed with normal cleaning making it a great hygiene training aid.





UV GERM Hygiene Grease

UV GERM Hygiene Training Grease

Check if cleaning is being performed to the desired standard or use it help train those that clean hygiene-critical areas. Its water and wipe resistant and suitable for use on most surfaces as well as in Kitchens, Bathrooms, Wetrooms, lavatories and showers etc.





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