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WASH & GLOW CheckPoint Trainer -  The World's Best Hand Wash Training System






The WORLD'S BEST Hand-Hygiene Training System




The WASH & GLOW Checkpoint is the first product of its kind and offers a simple and low-cost solution for NHS and Healthcare Organisations, to implement and maintain 'every-day' hand hygiene best practice.

Protected by a strong custom ABS carry case, the Checkpoint Trainer allows you to take your hygiene training sessions on the road and being so compact and lightweight its a highly portable, professional hand-washing training package.







CheckPoint Lamp revealing UV GERM Lotion on hands
CheckPoint Lamp revealing poor hand washing technique
CheckPoint Lamp revealing poor hand washing technique




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Refill Wash & Glow Lotion may be purchased from this web-shop when required.







HY-5 Hygiene Training Film

Your Checkpoint Trainer System comes with your own licensed copy of our pre-training primer video on a handy USB stick, which will provide trainees with a short overview of the hand-wash training process they are about to undertake as well explaining the different techniques used in hand washing and how much of a real difference proper hand-washing makes to everyday hygiene.

Simply plug-in to your PC, Laptop or High-Definition TV and play to trainees before their training. This new HD Video will briefly introduce the need for hand-wash training; the principle behind the HY-5 Method together with the full hand-wash training process, step-by-step. 

When the video has finished, implement the training process as shown in the video and the trainees will be primed and looking forward to having-a-go themselves.

Run times: Approx 6 minutes with ENGLISH Narration.

HY-5 Hand Wash Training Film

A full range of HY-5 washroom posters and training material is now. Click here for details





WASH & GLOW Checkpoint Lamp


The Checkpoint open and ready for Hand-Hygiene Inspection







WASH & GLOW Checkpoint Trainer - open




Its Compact...

WASH & GLOW Checkpoint Trainer - case




WASH & GLOW Checkpoint Trainer - case



...and very Professional

WASH & GLOW Checkpoint Trainer






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